About Diana

Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen is a graduate at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She has completed over 300 clinical hours at her school and spent the last few years practicing as a non-registered massage therapist. Diana plans to continue her education in health sciences and is eager to learn.

Her goal in treatment is to fully address her client’s area of concern. She delivers a combination of deep relaxation and deep tissue treatment massage through the use of traditional Swedish techniques, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point release, and active stretching. Her treatment style varies from one to another as she creates a custom massage for each individual. In addition, Diana strives to promote a safe and understanding environment free of judgement for those around her. She is willing and happy to adjust to her patient’s level of comfort and boundaries at all times.

Outside of school and work, Diana enjoys spending her time with close friends and family. She likes to powerlift and snowboard as a hobby, occasionally teaches swim lessons, and enjoys helping others finding their own passion.