The 3 W’s of massage in Vancouver

The 3 W’s of massage in Vancouver

The who, what and why of massage in Vancouver

If you’re looking for information about getting a massage in Vancouver, look no further than Alpine Massage Therapy. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for you.

The who

Massage therapists are trained professionals, who have completed their registration with the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia.  In Vancouver, massage therapists have a varied and expansive range of massage practices to choose from – such as deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofascial techniques and more. With massage being an ever-evolving practice, massage therapists frequently expand their knowledge through ongoing education courses and seminars.

The what

Registered massage in Vancouver is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to treat physical and mental ailments. Massage therapists are registered and regulated health care providers who utilize massage techniques that can help target specific areas of discomfort or pain. These therapeutic massage techniques seek to increase circulation and range of motion while decreasing tension within the body. Studies have even shown massage to be helpful in reducing stress, pain, and muscle stiffness, while also providing relaxation. Through the skillful application of massage techniques, massage therapists can help improve the overall health and wellbeing of those who receive massage treatments.

The why

Why should you consider getting a massage in Vancouver? That’s simple – it is one of the easiest and most abundant ways to promote physical health and mental wellness. One great reason why you should try it is its ability to help to reduce or eliminate muscle tension, making everyday movements easier and less painful. It also helps improve flexibility and mobility, as well as aid in recovery from injury or trauma. Beyond the physical benefits, massage can also be incredibly beneficial for your mental wellbeing as it reduces stress by promoting a sense of relaxation throughout your body and mind.

Massage offers an abundance of holistic health benefits that make it an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to reap the overall benefits massage has to offer, then consider booking a massage in Vancouver with Alpine Massage. Our massage therapists will create a tailored massage treatment that can help you feel better inside and out.

So, there you have it: the who, what and why of massage in Vancouver. If you’re feeling stressed or tense, or are experiencing pain or discomfort, consider book a massage today. Check out our incredible team of RMT’s here.

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michael kavanaghmichael kavanagh
04:48 24 Sep 23
Steffen TweedleSteffen Tweedle
16:20 22 Aug 23
Great service. Amazing staff.
It was my first time there! Nice environment and Diana was so great. Perfect pressure! So polite! And Alpine submits the insurance! So easy to set up! I’m going back over & over again now:)
Miriam TrejoMiriam Trejo
16:02 30 Jun 23
Excelente service from Kimberly such a nice person! The place is beautiful, there’s a lot of plants which I love and they treat you really nice, definitely coming back 🫶🏼
Keela KeepingKeela Keeping
20:17 12 Apr 23
From the staff to the beauty of the place, this one is top in my books. I’ve gone to many different RTMs over the years, with varying experiences, but all 3 RMTs that I’ve seen at Alpine were consistently great – listened so well, genuinely wanted to help, knew what they were doing, able to apply good pressure and one even gave me some good guidance to help with my chiro appointment to find out what’s going on. I’ve gone both for a back injury and just regular maintenance as a desk worker. Highly recommend.
Maggie MorganMaggie Morgan
17:03 03 Apr 23
I had a great experience with Alpine Massage, from the welcoming and calming environment to my treatment with Samantha. She made sure to understand my goals, what issues I’ve been having and what I was looking for during my session. I left feeling much more relaxed, and saw improvements in my workout performance in the weeks following. I would highly recommend Alpine and Samantha – I can’t wait for my next session!
Eliza AndrewsEliza Andrews
06:41 03 Apr 23
My partner had a couple massage therapies here; both times he had brand new RMT’s who didn’t listen very well to him. Not acceptable given they are charging a premium for the massages.He mentioned it was noisy in the rooms as there is a lot of construction going on nearby. He came back more stressed than when he left to get the treatment.
Victor ChanVictor Chan
20:27 15 Mar 23
Alpine Massage is fantastic: booking is easily done online and availability is much better than most places. They ask a lot of questions during the first session to ensure they understand your pain points and needs, and during the treatment session, I definitely felt they were addressing my chronic lower back and shoulder pain. My RMT, Kimberly, uses just the right amount of pressure to feel like my muscle tensions are being released but not so much that I’m dying from the pain.Only complaint I have is parking: I couldn’t figure out if the underground parking is available (clinic is attached to ambulance station). If you’re going at a busy time, you may need to budget a bit more time to find street parking and walking to the clinic. Small detail for an otherwise great clinic!
Justin LiuJustin Liu
17:51 01 Mar 23
Super friendly staff. Clean, calming, and relaxing clinic. Amy, Kaitlyn, and Elsie are GREAT!
Mohammadreza MohseniMohammadreza Mohseni
04:50 24 Jan 23
I had two fantastic massage therapy sessions at Alpine massage therapy. Once with Elsie and once with Sophie. Both sessions were amazing and helped greatly with my pain and stress. Highly recommended!
Fahim Yazdan PanahFahim Yazdan Panah
19:24 14 Jan 23
I came up with this place on Google Maps within walking distance and thought I give them a try. I didn’t know any of their therapists, so I booked an appointment with Elsie Webber. When she finished her job, I had my best massage therapy experience EVER. When I went to book more sessions, I found their schedules quite busy. Not a surprise, though 😊I kept booking weekly appointments with Elsie for a while. She is amazingly skillful, professional and precise. She well knows how to treat every single muscle over your body. You don’t know how stiff some of your deep muscles could be until she makes you feel them. I can’t recommend her enough.The place itself is spotless, quiet and cozy. All of the staff are very friendly. I love this place and recommend them to anyone looking for a massage therapist around Kits and Arbutus Ridge.
Arash KhodadadiArash Khodadadi
23:22 10 Nov 22
Well-maintained and clean. Really caring and experienced therapists. Organized with insurance and credits. Overall recommend this place for a massage therapy.
Nicholas DubeNicholas Dube
17:34 12 Sep 22
Amy and the team at Alpine are awesome! Friendly, professional and talented practitioners. I wouldn’t go to another RMT clinic!
Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma
20:06 10 Sep 22
Amy is a fantastic RMT who takes the time to get to know what is ailing you. The atmosphere of the clinic is also very relaxing and calming. I would recommend Amy and Alpine in heartbeat.
Kasia PrzystupaKasia Przystupa
21:17 18 Aug 22
Such an amazing place! Everyone is super kind and Amy always makes me feel so much better. All the cute decor, plants and chill vibes are a bonus! ❤️
Karsen ChangKarsen Chang
23:58 12 Aug 22
Amy does an amazing job. The atmosphere in the studio is relaxing and comfortable. I fell asleep during my massage. Definitely recommend Amy for RMT.
22:22 13 May 22
I was scheduled with Elsie for a 30 minute massage. I have been really tense and sore lately from cycling and long hours at my desk and I instantly felt at ease and relaxed after my massage. She knew which areas needed extra pressure and always checked in to see how I was handling it. It was such a great experience and I definitely will be scheduling with her again!
Dan GrahamDan Graham
01:03 05 Apr 22
Amy is the best. I can quite honestly say it’s hard to find an RMT that will not give you just a relaxing massage, but one that also actually works out the muscle and back issues I have with Scoliosis. Always gives service with a warm, welcoming smile.
Taylor MacNeilTaylor MacNeil
21:08 25 Mar 22
If you haven’t already seen Amy at Alpine Massage Therapy, what are you doing?! Once I found Amy I’ve never looked back, I’ve recommended her to everyone I know who needs an RMT, she is so friendly, thorough, and always listens to what you are feeling in your body and gives advice on stretches and techniques to help tight areas to help alleviate issues between visits. She is the best!
Graham MacdougallGraham Macdougall
19:35 17 Jan 22
Amy was the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. So strong and really got the the root of my issues.. Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙏🏻Great value for what you get as well. She’s building a really great practice.
23:02 24 Jul 21
This place is FANTASTIC. It’s cute and soothing and Amy is quick and attentive. My massage was excellent! I left feeling relaxed with no tension in my muscles or joints. Amy always take time to listen to everything I needed done and applies just the right amount of pressure when needed. I highly recommend this place for a good massage…I can say it with full confidence that Amy is the best massage therapist I’ve been going to longest time and highly recommend her and her team.

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